Windows installation for Frama-C Beryllium

Run the Windows installer frama-c-Beryllium-20090902_installer.exe. You may change the installation directory, but for simplicity, choose a directory path without any space.

The Frama-C installer also provides you with the following packages:


In order for Frama-C to run properly, you should have gcc pre-processor installed and in your path. Consult the Value Analysis manual for additional instruction on preprocessing options.

You may recompile Frama-C from its source distribution with the Ocaml environment, and develop your own plug-ins. However, you need the Cygwin make utilities and the mingw port for gcc to compile in native code with Ocaml. Assuming you installed Frama-C to C:\Frama-C, you also need to set the following environment variables with the Windows control panel:

Then you need to tune your Cygwin installation to replace the link c:\Cygwin\bin\gcc by its final target. For example you may try: cp gcc-3.exe gcc.exe.