Frama-C & SPARK Day 2017:
Formal Analysis and Proof for Programs in C and Ada

Paris and University Paris-Diderot

Frama-C & SPARK Day 2017 is a one-day workshop gathering researchers and engineers around shared experiences and new perspectives of the environments Frama-C and SPARK.

Speakers at the Frama-C & SPARK Day will demonstrate and discuss innovative approaches to software analysis, from both academic and industrial points of views. In addition to invited presentations, this workshop will feature space for community discussions, updates on new developments and upcoming projects.

The workshop is co-organized by CEA List, AdaCore, Inria joint lab ProofInUse and Université Paris-Diderot.

Frama-C & SPARK Day 2017 contributes to the Open Source Innovation Spring 2017, highlighting the excellence and international success of innovative projects stemming from French industries and research programs.

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