LTest is composed of two Frama-C plugins, LAnnotate and LUncov, and one external executable, LReplay, that aim at providing accurate test coverage metrics for a wide range of coverage criteria.

More specifically, they are based on labels and hyperlabels, which formalize the notion of test objectives that must be covered for a given criterion. In this context,

  • LAnnotate generates the set of (hyper)labels corresponding to the selected criteria for a given C program;
  • LUncov attempts to detect the (hyper)labels that are uncoverable, and the ones that are redundant;
  • LReplay executes a test suite over some code instrumented with (hyper)labels and computes a coverage ratio.

On the other hand, these components, and notably LReplay assume that you already have a test suite whose coverage you want to evaluate. Still in the context of Frama-C, you can for instance use PathCrawler to generate such a suite.

These three tools are available on Frama-C’s gitlab server under LGPL-2.1-only: - LAnnotate - LUncov - LReplay

Further Reading

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All three packages are available in opam and can be installed through

opam install frama-c-lannotate frama-c-luncov lreplay

Manual installation instructions are available in the README of each of the repositories:

They require OCaml>= 4.13.1, and, for the plugins, Frama-C 29.0 (Copper).