Report an issue with Frama-C

If Frama-C crashes or behaves abnormally, you are invited to report an issue via the Frama-C Gitlab repository.

The New Issue page allows creating a new report, but you will need an account.

Unless you have an account provided by Frama-C the team, you need to sign in using a Github account.

When creating a new issue, choose the bug_report template next to Title, then enter the title and fill the template.

Bug reports can be marked as public or confidential. Public bug reports can be read by anyone and may be indexed by search engines. Confidential bug reports are only shown to developers.

Please fill the template as precisely as possible, in English1, which helps the team more quickly understand, reproduce and respond to the issue. The form uses Markdown syntax and you can attach source files and screenshots to the issue.

Replies and updates concerning your issue are sent by e-mail by Gitlab.

  1. French is also a possible language choice for private entries.↩︎