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[Frama-c-discuss] Compiling the gui with gtkSourceView 2.0

Sorry, I was apparently confused about the version of gtkSourceView
involved in LablGtk. I eventually got things to work, the error was
something relating to the packaging of LablGtk for Fedora that I
thought I had previously straightened out on my system.

Regardless, I saw something else during the install for Frama-C that I
wonder about that maybe someone on the list can answer: Apparently to
install the Jessie plugin one has to overwrite one's version of Why.
Is there a way to avoid doing this? (I could try and extract out the
part of the Makefile that does this, but I wasn't sure if I would be
missing changes that are made to Why as a result of being part of
Frama-C.) I would think it would be nice to have the ability to keep
Why and Frama-C separate and compatible if one desires, especially
since this is the way that would be consistent for packing for
different linux distributions (certainly this is at minimum how it
would be done in Fedora, and I suspect in Debian and Ubuntu).

- Alan

On Mon, Oct 6, 2008 at 7:52 AM, Benjamin Monate <> wrote:
> Yannick Moy a ?crit :
>> Hi everybody. Here is a message from Alan who has problems compiling the
>> gui. Do you have a solution?
>> - Yannick
>> I would be very interested in switching to Frama-C to do this work,
>> but I've had trouble getting the gui to compile. From what I
>> understand (though this could be incorrect), the problem may be caused
>> by the fact that the program uses gtkSourceView 1.0, though
>> gtkSourceView 2.0 is a now a part of the main LablGTK trunk. If
>> there's a way to work around this that I might not be aware of I would
>> appreciate knowing.
> Frama-C indeed relies on GtkSourceView 1.x.
> The current Lablgtk trunk does not support gtkSourceView 2.0. I only added
> some very  preliminary and non compilable #define to prepare its future
> support in the trunk. So unless you _manually_ defined HAS_GTKSOURCEVIEW21
> in ml_gtksourceview.c the problem does not from the discrepancies between
> 1.x and 2.x GtkSourceView.
> Could you post more details on the mailing list so that we can help you?
> Cheers,
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