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[Frama-c-discuss] Specification Examples

Thank you for the advice, it worked under the Helium release.

After searching the ACSL_1.3 PDF i found the \separated(...) function.

My question is if its posible to use it in a following manner :

        requires \separated(a, b);
void array_cpy(int* a, int n, int* b);

 or do i have to be more specific, say like this:
        requires \forall int i,j;  \separated(a[i] b[j]);
void array_cpy(int* a, int n, int* b);


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  Just a precision:

  With the next version of Frama-C, the separation of pointers into different regions is automatic (unless you prevent it with an option), so that your pointer parameters [a] and [b] belong indeed to different heap regions. Then, your code is proved right away. You may try option [-jc-opt -separation] to try it on the current version. Then, you will get PO at function call to prove these regions are indeed separated if the tool cannot figure it alone.


  On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 4:18 PM, Claude March? <> wrote:

    Christoph Weber wrote:

      #2: in the second example the preservation of the loop invariant wont work

      /*@  requires 0 < n;   requires \valid_range(a, 0, n-1) && \valid_range(b, 0, n-1);
       ensures  \forall int k; 0 <= k < n ==> a[k] == b[k];
      void array_cpy(int* a, int n, int* b){  /*@ loop invariant 0 <= i <= n && \forall int m; 0 <= m < i  ==> a[m] == b[m];
       for(int i = 0;i< n;i++){      a[i]=b[i];     } }

      What am I missing, to get the examples running?

    You must take into account the fact that arrays a and b might overlap, such as if you call array_cpy as


    in such a case your spec does not hold I think.

    - Claude

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