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[Frama-c-discuss] New Specification Examples

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] New Specification Examples
  • From: Christoph.Weber at (Christoph Weber)
  • Date: Tue Oct 14 09:38:11 2008

Hello, besides the problems I described in my last Mail (dereferencing of \result and Labeling inside loops), I'd like to alter the ranging of my array into a c++ stl Style, meaning (int* first, int* last, ...). So far ok, but:

 requires last >= first;
 requires \valid_range(first, 0, last-first-1);
 behavior is_not_empty:  
  assumes last > first;
  ensures  \forall integer i; 0 <= i < last-first ==> first [i] == value;
 behavior is_empty:
  assumes last == first;
  ensures last == first; 
void fill_int_array (int* first, int* last,  int value )
 //@ ghost int* a = first; 
  loop invariant a <= first <= last;
  loop invariant \forall integer k; 0 <= k < first-a ==> a[k] == value;
 while (first != last)  *first++ = value;

In this example the ensurance of the postcondition does not work due to the changing value of first.

Attempts to circumvent this with:

ensures \forall integer i; 0 <= i < last-first ==> *(\old(first)+i) == value;

have failed as well (to meet the postcondition in the Jessie-gui)

Is there a possibility to allocate the old first or is this error due to the limitations of jessie and pals.

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