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[Frama-c-discuss] scaling value analysis

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] scaling value analysis
  • From: Pascal.Cuoq at (Pascal Cuoq)
  • Date: Wed Oct 22 09:03:24 2008
  • In-reply-to: <1224607161.7345.32.camel@imladris>
  • References: <1224607161.7345.32.camel@imladris>

Hi David,

> I am mostly using a 32 bit Linux build of Frama-C. But some of my case
> studies require too much RAM for a single process.
> I have thus installed a 64 bit build, which I run on a 16 GB RAM Linux
> PC. Unfortunately, my biggest case studies still don't fit in the 16  
> GB.

The 32-bit version of Frama-C can not make use of more
than about 3Gb of RAM (depending on the OS), even if you have
more installed in your computer. The 64-bit version has no such limit.
However, in the 64-bit version each atomic word of data is twice as big,
so you need about 6Gb of memory to recover the same number of
adressable words you had with 3Gb of RAM and the 32-bit version.

> I have no PC with more RAM sofar, but some of our SUN/Solaris servers
> have 32 GB RAM. Do you think it is worth trying to compile Frama-C for
> these SPARC processors?

The compilation of OCaml for Solaris is supported
Frama-C should compile at least in its batch version once you
have OCaml installed, although we have not tried this particular
Do not hesitate to contact us directly if you encounter compilation  

Also, 32Gb is a tad more memory than we have tried the value
analysis on so far, but we expect the analyzer to scale well and
make good use of what is available.
See for some details.