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[Frama-c-discuss] questions about FRAMA-C

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] questions about FRAMA-C
  • From: ioana-mihaela.geanta at (IOANA MIHAELA GEANTA)
  • Date: Wed Oct 29 15:19:04 2008


 I have some remarks and questions about the syntax of ACSL implemented in FRAMA-C.

1.Assignment of structures:  For pointers to structures, how does the assigns clause has to be used : assigns p or assigns *p? 
  In the second case I get the next error :
  Fatal error: exception Assert_failure("src/jessie/", 531, 15).
  I made an example which illustrates this case : cas_structure.tar.gz

2. Values of enum types are not accepted in predicates  (cas_constante.tar.gz).

3. "\let" clauses are not implemented in FRAMA-C which makes difficult verifying functions which have references as parameters. The values pointed by these references are difficult to use in the annotations, for example in predicates for properties of functions which call the first function.
    The only possibility is to use ghost variables. The problem is that the formal specification should be written  before coding, so ghosts variables cannot be defined at this point.   
  Do you this this feature will be implemented in the future ?

4. In a defined behavior, it is not possible to use a requires clause after the assume clause that defines the behavior. I took an example from the ACSL implementation, included in the distribution of FRAMA-C and I got a syntax error.

  Thank you.

  Ioana Geanta