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[Frama-c-discuss] do we need another mailing list?

Dragan wrote:
> It is a good idea. During weekend I will create something like this.

Sorry ^^ I was only making a silly joke with reference to previous
messages on this list.

The best place for contributing is the
wiki. There is a lot of useful information that it would be
nice to have available and organized there.

For instance I copied your Z3 on Ubuntu instructions there:
Thank you for these detailed instructions. I edited a few things
here and there, I may be worth checking it again. If a section
becomes too long (such as "how to install theorem provers") it
should be moved to its own page.

As has been pointed out before, you need to create a BTS account
to edit the wiki, but if you are going to use Frama-C you will need
a BTS account anyway. It is very quick to obtain an account,
we do not ask any questions, just choose a login and a password.

It is true that one disadvantage is that the wiki contents are currently
not indexed by google, but I will personnaly make sure that this
situation is solved before there are 5000 words of user-contributed
documentation in the wiki. For now, making it publicly accessible
would only be additional work for us and we don't know if the wiki
thing will catch on.

You asked about the different "why" versions. The answer is technical.
Frama-C and Why are both currently in development. Because
of incompatible changes, a particular version of Frama-C only works
with a particular version of Why. Thanks to the dynamic plug-in
technology that is being put in place in Frama-C, this problem
will soon disappear.

Thanks again for your contribution