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[Frama-c-discuss] Compilation of Beryllium 20090901 without dynlink


> AFAICS, there is another issue which hasn't been fixed yet: Dynlink  
> is not
> properly activated when there is no `ocamlc -where`/dynlink.cmxa but  
> only
> `ocamlc -where`/dynlink.cma and I don't see any fix for that in the  
> patch.
> The test is simple:
> - Move `ocamlc -where`/dynlink.cmxa to `ocamlc -where`/ 
> dynlink.cmxa.old
> - Test presence of `ocamlc -where`/dynlink.cma (Just to be sure)
> - Run ? ./configure ? and you'll get:
> [?]
> checking for /usr/lib/ocaml/dynlink.cmxa... no
> configure: WARNING: native dynlink unavailable (ocaml 3.11 or higher  
> required)
> [?]

We used Mac OS X PPC as our "exotic platform" and there,
dynlink.cmxa exists ... and does not work. Which is a different
situation from the one you are asking us to reproduce.

 From your bug-report, it seems you are concerned by platforms on
which OCaml is only available as a bytecode compiler.
Do we agree that a "cleaner", if longer, way to reproduce the problem
is for us to compile & install only the bytecode version of
OCaml and to try to compile Frama-C in these conditions ?

I tried to reproduce the problem that you mention by following
the steps you indicate, but "make byte" in frama-c-Beryllium-20090901
worked fine. The compilation
failed for the native version, but I'm not sure what to conclude from
that since after following your instruction, my installation of OCaml
was inconsistent -- ocamlopt.opt available and missing dynlink.cmxa.