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[Frama-c-discuss] Installation in Mac OS X Snow Leopard


> I tried what is describe in this page :
> . But after i do that, if i try to
> run frama-c in the terminal it does not recognize it. Can someone give me
> more descriptive steps(for example, the commands to run in the right order).

The instructions there assume that you are familiar with Unix.

They say to add /usr/local/Frama-C_Be/bin to your shell's path.
Considering that the previous step was to untar an archive containing
a file named usr/local/Frama-C_Be/bin/frama-c in /, this program
should get executed when you type frama-c.

What does the command

echo $PATH


What does

file /usr/local/Frama-C_Be/bin/frama-c


Examples of commands that you should have typed at some point if you
installed Frama-C right:

cd /

sudo tar jxvf /Users/Joao/Downloads/frama-c-Beryllium-20090902-why_2.23-OSX_intel.tar.bz2

export PATH=/usr/local/Frama-C_Be/bin:$PATH

vi ~/.profile # and add line export PATH=/usr/local/Frama-C_Be/bin:$PATH

> If someone knows how to put frama-c work using the compilation method can
> also try to help me.

Getting frama-c to compile is a simple matter of "configure" and
"make". Getting frama-c-gui or gwhy on Snow Leopard is incredibly
tricky. I have only gotten it to look reasonable recently, and by
"look reasonable" I mean that it has no unicode support and that the
letter sequence "fi" is displayed wrong. I wouldn't recommend you
spend your time with this approach. The binary distribution has been
tested and has no reason not to work on a brand-new Snow Leopard.