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[Frama-c-discuss] [PATCH 1/4] Check for gmake, falling back to make


On 2010-02-27 21:05:51, Richard Bonichon wrote:
> Frana-C's makefiles use GNU make extensions. In this respect, it makes
> sense to check for GNU make.
> You could also use set the MAKE variable on the CLI before calling
> configure (eg MAKE=gmake ./configure).

Ah, didn't know that was possible.

I think a slightly better version test might do something like:

$MAKE -v >/dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? -eq 0 ]
  ... 'make -v' didn't fail, do usual make -v version checks here ...
  die "version check failed: GNU make required!"

At the very least, it'd stop the ugliness that occurs when 'make -v'
causes BSD makes to try (and fail) to parse the Makefile!

> Thanks for all the patches (maybe you could have use Frama-C's BTS at

Noted for future reference.

> Actually, the configuration issues (due to the use of == instead of =)
> you are dealing with are already fixed in the the svn tree.
> It is rather uncanny that only FreeBSD's default sh caught the use of
> non-posix test extensions (this is okay with debian's dash or
> OpenBSD's sh)

It wasn't even immediately obvious on FreeBSD. It looks like FreeBSD has
/bin/test and also 'test' as a shell builtin but only when using

I'll try to build from SVN.

> Again thanks for your diffs.

Very welcome.