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[Frama-c-discuss] installation of Frama-C-beryllium

> This is strange. What happens when you launch gcc youself, that is,
> by typing "gcc" at the prompt?
> What happens when you type?
> gcc -C -E -I.   example\first.c

Using Cgwin when I type
1) gcc -C -E -I. example\first.c, it is displayed
          gcc: no such file or directory
2) gcc -C -E -I. example/first.c, it is displayed
          #1 "example/first.c"
          #1 "<built-in>"
          #1 "<command line>"
          #1 "example/first.c"
          int S=0;
          int T[5];

          int main(void)
           int i;
           int *p = &T[0];
           for (i=0; i<5; i++)
            S = S + i;
            *p++ = S;
           return S;

> Should that backslash really be a backslash? What happens if you replace
> it with a slash "/" ?

If I replace backslash to "/" I recieve the same smessage from frama-c.

> As a workaround, you can rename first.c as first.i. This will indicate
> that this file should be considered as already having been pre-processed.

in Splash window there is: 
example/first.i:1:[kernel] user error: Invalid symbol
[kernel] user error: skipping file "example/first.i" that has errors.

and in command line there are some Pango-warnings that some fonts cannot be loaded and many times repeated Glib-warnings that look like this:
  GLib-Warning **: g_main_context_prepare() called reqursively from within a source's check() or prepare() member.   
  GLib-Warning **: g_main_context_check() called reqursively from within a source's check() or prepare() member.
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