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[Frama-c-discuss] frama graph plugins


> I would like to know if exists some way to interact with the graphs provided
> by Frama, such as
> computing cyclomatic comprexity, function connectitivy.
> Moreover, Frama provides control flow graph for each function?

All of the (syntactic) call graph, a so-called "semantic" call graph
similar to the former but completed with function calls
that happen through function pointers,
and a control flow graph for each function are accessible

You can find some of results you seek
in the output of "frama-c -metrics ..."
or in the bottom-left panel of the GUI under "Metrics".
You can look at the implementation of these options
if you so desire and extend them to other metrics.

However, this kind of information is already computed by
tens of existing tools and is not the focus of Frama-C.
We wouldn't even be able to tell you what these existing tools are,
that's how incompetent we are on the subject of code metrics.


PS: assuming that you are using version 20100401. I do not
remember an HTML report with so much information being output
by "frama-c -metrics" in previous versions.