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[Frama-c-discuss] RE : problems with plugin-integration

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] RE : problems with plugin-integration
  • From: virgile.prevosto at (PREVOSTO Virgile)
  • Date: Thu, 16 Sep 2010 09:00:21 +0200
  • References: <>


-------- Message d'origine--------
De: frama-c-discuss-bounces at de la part de Jean-Pierre Nicolas
Date: jeu. 16/09/2010 07:46

> jean-pierre at jean-pierre-laptop:~/Bureau/ocamldoc$ make
> /usr/share/frama-c/Makefile.dynamic:180: .depend: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type
> ocamlc.opt -c -I . -w Ael -warn-error A -annot -g -I /usr/lib/frama-c
> File "", line 12, characters 14-18:
> Warning Z: unused variable name.
> File "", line 3, characters 3-119:
> Error: Signature mismatch:
>        Modules do not match:
>          sig val name : string val shortname : string val deser : string end
>        is not included in
>          sig val name : string val shortname : string val descr : string end
>        The field `descr' is required but not provided
> make: *** [hello_world.cmo] Erreur 2

> what is the problem?

Where did you get the sources from? The issue is that your defines a value
named deser instead of the descr expected by the Plugin.Register functor. It smells very much
like a typo, but it is neither present in the manual nor in 
src/dummy/ referenced from there.

> And than I've got another question.
> I'm interested in the structure of the file
> how does it work? 
> it isn't possible to watch the source code of which is used in
> Frama-C.

The code for the metrics plugin is located in src/metrics: 
defines the option of the plugin, performs the computation (and registers
its entry point within the kernel), and installs the corresponding gui components.

> But for my analysation, i need to know why the framework Frama-C change
> the C-code in another C-code and then verify the changed code?
> I must verify the current C-code with all "switch, if, while, for, do
> while, ..." and let it print on the screen.

Most Frama-C's operations operate on the elaborated AST, where type-checking, name resolution, 
and a few normalization steps have occured. There is also an untyped AST, which reflects exactly
the original syntax of the code (modulo pre-processing, which occurs entirely outside of Frama-C).
It is defined in cil/src/frontc/, with a visitor in cil/src/frontc/ The pretty-printer
for cabs (in cil/src/frontc/ has been unmaintained for a long time, but the next version 
of Frama-C should be much better in this regard.

Hope this helps,
Virgile Prevosto
Laboratoire des logiciels s?rs
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