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[Frama-c-discuss] Problems with Window Installation of Frama-C


Le jeu. 16 sept. 2010 12:36:30 CEST,
"Hans-Werner Wiesbrock" <Hans-Werner.Wiesbrock at> a ?crit :

> Thanks for the pointers, I tried them but got:
> Why -config ->

It's not why -config, but why_config (this is a separate executable
from why itself).

> Then I changed the variable JESSIELIBFILES in swap1.jessie/swap1.makefile 
> $(WHYLIB)\\why\\jessie.why  -> $(WHYLIB)/why/jessie.why and tried why -simplify [...] why/swap1.why, I ran into the same error as before. 

I have been able to reproduce your issue by positioning explicitly
the variable JESSIELIBFILES on the command line of the cygwin shell:

JESSIELIBFILES=C:\\Frama-C\\lib\\why\\why\\jessie.why frama-c
-jessie -jessie-atp simplify file.c

When you use / instead, as in 
JESSIELIBFILES=C:/Frama-C/lib/why/why/jessie.why frama-c
-jessie -jessie-atp simplify file.c

then the proof obligations are generated (whether they are proved by
Simplify is another matter of course). Could you try that on your
setting? i.e.

frama-c -jessie -jessie-atp simplify swap1.c

Best regards,
Virgile Prevosto
Ing?nieur-Chercheur, CEA, LIST
Laboratoire de S?ret? des Logiciels
+33/0 1 69 08 82 98