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[Frama-c-discuss] frama-c outputs errors in jessie tutorial



Le jeu. 30 sept. 2010 14:38:02 CEST,
kydeza <kydeza at> a ?crit :

> I am trying frama-c using tutorials provided on the web site, 
> especially the jessie tutorial: 
> and I have a problem with the section 3.2  ?Advanced Algebraic Modeling?
> frama-c outputs errors when it analyses ACSL specifications, here is the 
> output:
> --- sorting.h --------------------
> /*@ predicate Swap{L1,L2}(int a[], integer i, integer j) = 
> /*@ inductive Permut{L1,L2}(int a[], integer l, integer h) { 
> /*@ predicate Sorted{L}(int a[], integer l, integer h) = 

Thanks for reporting this issue. In fact, the tutorial is not
up-to-date with current release: In the logic, there is no implicit
conversion between (logical) arrays and pointers (see p.26 of the ACSL
reference manual). And in C, since t is a function parameter, it is a
pointer and not an array, even if it is declared with int t[].

We will provide an updated version of the tutorial soon. In the mean
time, you can replace the array parameters in the declaration of Swap,
Permut and Sorted by pointers, as in
predicate Swap{L1,L2}(int *a, integer i, integer j) =

Of course, this means that the axioms have to be modified accordingly.

Hope this helps,
E tutto per oggi, a la prossima volta.