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[Frama-c-discuss] can we collect referenced variables with frama-c?

On 2/16/11, Deng, Xu <xu.deng at> wrote:
> Can we use frama-c to collect the referenced (used/modified) global
> variables of a function, including the global variables referenced by the
> functions called in this function? says:

"the list of global variables that a function is supposed to read or
write to is a formal specification. Frama-C can compute this
information automatically from the source code of the function"

> For example:
> The func() actually has modified S.a, S.p and S.a, can frama-c support
> collecting this information?

Your program does not compile, but if it did, "frama-c -out -input t.c
-main func" would tell you that func actually reads s1.p and writes
s1; s0.a; and p.


For what it's worth, here is the program I actually analyzed with the
command above:

struct S0{

  int a;

  int b;


struct S{

  int a;

  struct S0 *p;


struct S s1;

struct S0 s0;

void func()




  struct S0 *p = s1.p;



void func2(struct S0 *p)


   p->a = 0;