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[Frama-c-discuss] Unbound value Datatype.func in


thanks for the additional information.
Your OCaml version is supported for compiling
your Frama-C version, although it is not the latest
OCaml with the better error messages. Don't upgrade it:
it is probably possible to make your plug-in work with
this version, and upgrading OCaml could lead to serious

Please type "VERBOSEMAKE=yes make".
This will not fix the problem, but it will show the actual
commands used by the Makefile. It is normal for the
command to be quite long.

I see that you used "sudo make". This too may lead to
some complications: some files generated files will be
owned by root. You could erase these files,
or continue to compile as root by typing:

sudo su

The command may look a bit like:

ocamlc.opt -c -w +a-4-6-7-9  -annot  -warn-error +a -g -I src/misc -I
src/ai -I src/memory_state -I src/toplevel -I src/slicing_types -I
src/pdg_types -I src/kernel -I src/logic -I src/lib -I src/type -I
src/project -I src/buckx -I src/gui -I external -I cil/src -I
cil/src/ext -I cil/src/frontc -I cil/src/logic -I cil/ocamlutil -I
lib/plugins -I lib -I /home/cuoq/zarith     -I src/occurrence

One of the -I directories, typically src/kernel, should contain
a file datatype.cmi. If it doesn't, it may be because you didn't
do "make depend".

As a non-specialist, this is all I can say.
If you still cannot make it work, please report
the command displayed by "VERBOSEMAKE=yes make"
and maybe someone can help you.