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[Frama-c-discuss] RE : Unbound value Datatype.func in


If there is no issue with other plug-ins, then the issue probably comes from your own code ;-). One potential problem I can see is that you mask the kernel module Datatype somewhere. A good trick to check this hypothesis is to add the single line "module D = Datatype" to your broken code and to compile it with the option -i of the bytecode compiler (aka ocamlc). That shows you the inferred signature of your .ml: if your module D does not have the expected signature (should be equivalent to the one manually written in src/type/datatype.mli), then the kernel module Datatype is hidden. That could be done by an "open M" or "include M" statement where M is a module definition containing a module Datatype itself. 

Hope this helps,
Julien Signoles

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Date: dim. 19/06/2011 12:31
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Objet : Re: [Frama-c-discuss] Unbound value Datatype.func in
Datatype.func is defined in file src/type/ and there is no problem in other plugins. For example, file "" in plugin "occurrence" contains codes 

let () =
      Varinfo.ty (Datatype.list (Datatype.pair Kinstr.ty Lval.ty))))
       ("Occurrence.print_all", Datatype.func Datatype.unit Datatype.unit))
    (* pb: print_all should take a formatter as argument *)
  Db.Occurrence.self := Occurrences.self

My development environment is:
OS--Ubuntu 11.04
The files are:          do my analysis           some paras                 defines some features and val
         LoopInvariant.mli               empty                        register plugin and methods
and also, added codes below in src/kernel/

module LoopInvariant = struct
let run = mk_fun "" 
let theMain = mk_fun "LoopInvariant.theMain"

in src/kernel/db.mli

(** loop invariant plugin. By liu*)
module LoopInvariant : sig
val run:(Format.formatter -> unit) ref
val theMain:(unit -> unit) ref

I changeed file and added a section:

# Loop Invariant
check_plugin(loopInvariant,src/loop_invariant,[support for loopInv plugin],yes,no)

then executed command:
now I got file "Makefile" and I added such section:

# Loop Invariant
PLUGIN_CMO:= loop_parameters function_analysis register LoopInvariant
include share/Makefile.plugin

then executed command:
sudo make
and it emitted the error:
Unbound value Datatype.func in

if I committed the following codes in "", it just workd.So can you help me?

Best regards to you.