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[Frama-c-discuss] Change makefile for typerex


2012/4/17 Boris Hollas <hollas at>:
> Hello,
> has anybody sucessfully used ocamlpro's typerex-mode to navigate the
> Frama-C source tree?

I tried it with the first version. It worked fine, but I was unable to
use the grep commands or jump to a definition in an external file: the
typerex server was eating all the available memory.
I didn't check if the situation was better with the second release, though.

> Also, which changes are needed for my plugin-makefile or the master
> makefile to use ocp-ocamlc -m instead of ocamlc?

In principle, you don't have to change anything: just compile with
OCAMLC="ocp-ocamlc -m" make
The OCAMLC variable in $FRAMAC_SHARE/Makefile.config will then be
overriden. Note that you have to do a make clean before, in order to
force a complete recompilation, so that typerex will generate its
annotation files.

Best regards,
E tutto per oggi, a la prossima volta