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[Frama-c-discuss] Using results of one plugin in another plugin


On 02/15/2012 07:28 AM, Boris Hollas wrote:
> I wrote
> let prj = File.create_project_from_visitor "foo" (new foo) in
> Project.set_current prj;
> Dynamic.Parameter.String.set "-jessie-atp" "gui";
> (Dynamic.get ~plugin:"Jessie" "run_analysis" (Datatype.func
> Datatype.unit Datatype.unit)) ()
> to use the results of plugin foo in Jessie. However, this crashes Jessie
> on some C-files and results can't be used by eg wp. What's the proper
> way to pipe plugins?

That is a possible way. But unfortunately Jessie does not work so well 
in multi-projects mode. You can try to call the following function 
before computing the AST of the initial project (and thus at least 
before calling File.create_project_from_visitor).

let prepare_jessie () =
   Kernel.SimplifyCfg.on ();
   Kernel.KeepSwitch.on ();
   Kernel.Constfold.on ();
   Kernel.PreprocessAnnot.on ();
   Cabs2cil.setDoTransformWhile ();
   Cabs2cil.setDoAlternateConditional ()

Jessie is happy now in simple cases, but I provide no guarantee that it 
is enough in all situations...