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[Frama-c-discuss] Kernel functions


2012/2/21 Boris Hollas <hollas at>:
> I add preconditions based on the formals, so I better work with vfunc.

Well, you can use Kernel_function.get_formals in vspec for that, but
there is indeed the issue of discriminating between a function's
contract and a statement's contract (self#current_stmt will be None in
the former case and Some stmt in the latter). That said, it should
also be fine to do it in vfunc. In fact, it's possible to tell vglob
not to visit the spec by using a ChangeTo in vglob_aux:
method vglob_aux g = match g with

> Anyway, really good documentation is needed to understand all this. But
> why not convert set_spec to a method, so set_spec can extract the right
> kf by itself and properly handle the action, based on self#behavior?

Because set_spec is a generic function that can be used in many other
contexts. Basically, what you suggest is what is done by vglob in
Visitor.frama_c_generic_visitor, when the spec has been visited by

>> > For an inplace visitor, what should be used instead of
>> > File.create_project_from_visitor?
>> >
>> Visitor.visitFramacFile or Visitor.visitFramacFileSameGlobals
> This brings up another problem: how do I get the Cil_types.file? It
> doesn't work with Cil.dummyFile.
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> Best regards,
> Boris
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