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[Frama-c-discuss] New Version of "ACSL by Example" for Frama-C Fluorine

Hello Jens,

Le lun. 16 d?c. 2013 11:01:03 CET,
"Gerlach, Jens" <jens.gerlach at> a ?crit :

> /*@
>     requires \valid(a);
>     assigns \nothing;
>     ensures \result == *a;
> */
> int foo(int* a)

> But what if someone provides the following implementation
> int foo(int* a)
> {
>     int tmp = *a;
>     free(a);
>     return tmp;
> }
> Wouldn?t this implementation also satisfy the contract BUT

No, it won't satisfy the contract. As soon as a is freed, *a can be
anything. On the other hand, it would satisfy 
 ensures \result == \old(*a);
Another possibility of "strange" behavior would be something like
/*@ requires \valid(a);
    assigns \nothing;
    ensures \result == a;
int* foo(int* a) {
  int tmp = a;
  return tmp;

but then, the contract is missing a frees a; clause (which defaults
implicitely to frees \nothing; allocates \nothing; meaning that the
function should not (de)allocate anything, as is the case for most C

Best regards,
E tutto per oggi, a la prossima volta.