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[Frama-c-discuss] Frama-C Jessie, stdlib.h

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] Frama-C Jessie, stdlib.h
  • From: siegel at (Stephen Siegel)
  • Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 21:07:24 -0400

I?ve just installed Frama-C Sodium and Jessie 2.35 (OS X).  I?m running into a problem with anything that includes stdlib.h.   I?m wondering if others have this same problem or if I messed up the configuration somehow.

Here goes:

basie:1d siegel$ cat test.c
#include <stdlib.h>

basie:1d siegel$ frama-c -jessie test.c
[kernel] Parsing FRAMAC_SHARE/libc/__fc_builtin_for_normalization.i (no preprocessing)
[kernel] Parsing test.c (with preprocessing)
[jessie] Starting Jessie translation
FRAMAC_SHARE/libc/stdlib.h:275:[jessie] failure: cannot handle this lvalue: @1432.quot
[jessie] user error: Unsupported feature(s).
                     Jessie plugin can not be used on your code.

basie:1d siegel$ jessie --version
This is Jessie version 2.35, compiled on Sat Apr 25 15:01:42 EDT 2015Copyright (c) 2006-2014 - CNRS/INRIA/Univ Paris-SudThis is free software with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY (use option -warranty

Version: Sodium-20150201
Compilation date: Sat Apr 25 13:49:04 EDT 2015
Share path: /Users/siegel/.opam/system/share/frama-c (may be overridden with FRAMAC_SHARE variable)
Library path: /Users/siegel/.opam/system/lib/frama-c (may be overridden with FRAMAC_LIB variable)
Plug-in paths: /Users/siegel/.opam/system/lib/frama-c/plugins (may be overridden with FRAMAC_PLUGIN variable)

basie:1d siegel$ more /Users/siegel/.opam/system/share/frama-c/libc/stdlib.h 
/*                                                                        */
/*  This file is part of Frama-C.                                         */
/*                                                                        */
/*  Copyright (C) 2007-2015                                               */

/*@ assigns \result \from numer,denom ; */  <?? LINE 275
div_t div(int numer, int denom);

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