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[Frama-c-discuss] Frama-C/WP and CVC4 (version 1.5)

Hi Jens,

Le 23/08/2017 à 11:05, Gerlach, Jens a écrit :
> Is there a simple way to let Frama-C/WP generate proof obligations in “smtlib2” format?
> When I use the ‘-wp-gen’ option then only file of the form “*_Alt-Ergo.mlw” and “*.ergo” are generated.
WP can generate PO in coq, altergo (default) or why3 formats.
The translation into "smtlib2 format" should be done using why3 (as it 
is done when using -wp-prover why3:cvc4).
May be you have to select a prover managed by why3 using the option 
"-wp-prover why3:cvc4" in addition to "-wp-gen"

Nothing to do with your question, but notice that Alt-Ergo can be used 
directly (-wp-prover alt-ergo) or through why3 (-wp-prover 
why3:alt-ergo). The POs given to Alt-Ergo are not the same.

The best way to keep the temporary files sent to the provers is to use 
the option: -wp-out <dir>.

Hope it helps,