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[Frama-c-discuss] Making frama-c-gui a read-only tool?

>> To complete your notes on using Why3, I would just mention that in Frama-C/WP (current version), using `-wp-prover why3ide` actually uses a why3-session to store and reuse proof results.
> Interesting. Of course, one issue then is how you replay/display results when they come from different sources like EVA and WP. In SPARK, we have the same issue with the results from our static analyzer CodePeer (see an explanation of the integration here: <>), which we don't save currently in the Why3 session file, hence in replay mode CodePeer is rerun (which is OK), but in display mode it is rerun too (which is not ideal). How do you solve this issue in Frama-C?

In Frama-C, we handle this kind of collaboration by saving/loading property statuses on (generated or user-written) code annotations.
Hence, if a property has been proved by, say, EVA, WP will not attempt to re-prove it, unless on explicit user demand.
During consolidation of property statuses, Frama-C can report that, say, property B is proved by WP under hypothesis A, which in turn has been proven by EVA.

However, I must admit that the GUI is not completely user-friendly with such reporting.
Have a look at the `Property` panel in the GUI, or use the `-report` plug-in from the command-line.


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