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[Frama-c-discuss] Frama-C 18 (Argon) - beta

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] Frama-C 18 (Argon) - beta
  • From: david.buhler at (David Bühler)
  • Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2018 16:43:19 +0100

Dear Frama-C enthusiasts,

We have the pleasure to announce the beta release of Frama-C 18 (Argon).

It is available in the latest branch of Frama-C-snapshot's repository on 
A link to a tar.gz archive and the manuals are available at
You can also try it on opam using the following command: /opam pin add 
frama-c ""/

You are encouraged to try it out and report any potential regression on 
this list,
on or on

Barring any critical issue, the final Frama-C 18 release is scheduled 
for late November.

Main changes include:

### Kernel:
- Improved command-line options for treatment of warning categories:
   -plugin-warn-key category=status will set the status of category,
   instead of using 7 options -plugin-warn-abort, -plugin-warn-feedback, …
   with awkward ± categories
- All errors emitted during a run will now lead to a non-zero exit status
   of frama-c command line
- options for emitting an alarm on [left|right] shift of a negative
   value are now at kernel level (and removed from Eva)
- const globals are now unconditionally constants (option -const-writable is
- several improvements to the frama-c libc specifications
- new binary frama-c-script to help with case studies

### Eva:
- Eva is now consistently named "Eva", and all its options start with -eva
   (compatibility with previous option names has been preserved).
- New "//@ loop unroll N;" annotations to unroll exactly the N first 
   of a loop, as an improvement over slevel options.
- The memexec cache is compatible with all domains, and is enabled by 
   This cache greatly improves the analysis time.
- Builtins for memset and memcpy are now included in the open-source 
- Alternative domains use the frama-c libc specification when a builtin 
is used,
   to minimize the loss of precision.
- Emits alarms when reading potential trap representations of type _Bool.
- New experimental domain numerors inferring absolute and relative errors of
   floating-point computations. Does not handle loops for now.

### E-ACSL:
- support of ranges in memory built-ins, e.g. /\valid(t+(0..9))/
- support of \at on logic variables, e.g. /\forall integer i; 0 <= i < 
10 ==> t[i] == \old(t[i])/

For the Frama-C team,
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