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[Frama-c-discuss] Function-local static variables and preprocessor variables

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] Function-local static variables and preprocessor variables
  • From: rafael.bachmann.93 at (Rafael Bachmann)
  • Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2019 17:20:04 +0100

I had mostly good experiences applying Frama-C(WP). But I found 2 issues
which (in my opinion) may encourage/enforce commonly discouraged
programming style:

   1. When declaring array size, static const is not const enough. Instead,
   literals or preprocessor defines must be used. This is how gcc also
   handles the situation (
   However, clang/LLVM however accept the following snippet:
   static const size_t BUFFER_SIZE = 10;
   int arr[BUFFER_SIZE];
   I gather that this has to do with VLAs? Understandably hard to support
   (especially as it is not mandatory as per C standard), but I personally
   would like to at least have the option to use static const's instead of
   preprocessor literals.
   2. Function-local static variables are supported, but they are not bound
   in the function contract. Effectively, I cannot use them for the function
   #include <limits.h>
   #include <stdint.h>
   /*@ requires *counter* < UINT64_MAX;
       ensures \result > \old(*counter*);
   uint64_t millis() {
       // works fine if counter is global, not local
   *    static* uint64_t *counter* = 0;
       return counter++;
   I see that CIL transforms the local statics to
   $functionname_variablename, but renaming my logic variable accordingly did
   not work either.
   This forces me to raise the scope of function-local statics to global
   statics, unless I am overlooking something here. Regardless, I think this
   case should be documented (or is it?).

Apart from these (I may be wrong, usually am), I had difficulties finding
good documentation regarding floating point numbers.
This habilitation: contains many
very good examples, none of which I can reproduce (the author uses Coq
sometimes, but in other cases gappa suffices). On my machine, the
verification simply fails. Might something be wrong with my Frama-C

I would appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

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