Note: these instructions refer to an older release of Frama-C; for the latest stable release, click here

Windows installation for Frama-C Beryllium (released on 2009-09-02)

Run the Windows installer frama-c-Beryllium-20090901_installer.exe. You may change the installation directory, but for simplicity, choose a directory path without any space.

The Frama-C installer also provides you with the following packages:

  • Ocaml bytecode and native compiler version 3.11.1.
  • GTK+ binaries and pre-installed LablGTK2 library for Ocaml.


In order for Frama-C to run properly, you should have gcc pre-processor installed and in your path. Consult the Value Analysis manual for additional instruction on preprocessing options.

You may recompile Frama-C from its source distribution with the Ocaml environment, and develop your own plug-ins. However, you need the Cygwin make utilities and the mingw port for gcc to compile in native code with Ocaml.