Permanent Computer Scientist Position at CEA LIST - LSL

Posted: 26 Oct 2023
Keywords: abstract interpretation, software analysis, formal methods, open source

LSL Laboratory

At the heart of the Paris-Saclay campus, CEA List’s Software Safety and Security Laboratory helps developers and validation experts ship high-confidence software and systems. With everyday objects getting more and more complex, we have built a reputation for efficiently applying formal reasoning techniques to establish their trustworthiness. We are open-source believers, and we take pride in seeing our science-fueled tools used for industry-grade applications.

Teams at LSL are researching the best possible means to conduct formal verification. We design tools such as Binsec or Frama-C, that ensure production-level systems can comply with the highest safety and cybersecurity expectations. And in doing so, we get to interact with the most creative people in academia and the industry.

Our organizational structure is simple: those who pioneer new concepts are the ones who get to lead their implementation. Your work will have a direct and visible impact on the state of software verification.


We need you to help us develop Eva, the Frama-C’s abstract interpretation plug-in, both by improving current analyses and by designing new approaches. You will contribute to growing the community of users, handling feedback and helping real people solve real problems.

You will take an active role in research and development activities and industrial partnerships, alongside other members of the laboratory. This can include writing proposals, managing projects, writing and reviewing code, publishing papers, as well as attending scientific and technical events worldwide.


  • Background in abstract interpretation and theory of programming languages.
  • Hands-on experience with significant OCaml developments - other languages are fine too, but you’ll need to convince us you can adapt in a snap.
  • Self-organized, with an ability to prioritize effectively.
  • Team-minded - you know when to let someone else take the lead.


Various areas of our overall activity can also benefit from specific skill sets.

  • Break new ground with us:
    • Hands-on expertise in the fields of software security.
    • Flawless understanding of C, C++, assembly languages or hardware interfaces.
  • Help us spread the word:
    • Strong proficiency in foreign languages.
    • A knack for writing and editing longform content.


Every potential candidate feeling they could fit the description are welcome to contact us or apply by emailing the persons indicated below. We try hard to run an inclusive team, so candidates from under-represented groups are certainly welcome. The selection process will include scientific, technical, and HR interviews.