Latest News

29 November 2018 Frama-C 18.0 (Argon) is out. Download it here .
23 Jul 2018 frama-clang 0.0.6, compatible with Frama-C 17 Chlorine is out. Download it here .
31 May 2018 Frama-C 17 - Chlorine is out. Download it here .
22 Mar 2018 Announcing the Sound Static Analysis for Security Workshop (2018-06-27 and 28 at NIST). See the whole program here .

Getting Acquainted

What is Frama-C Frama-C is an extensible and collaborative platform dedicated to source-code analysis of C software.
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Getting Frama-C Frama-C is Open Source software.
It works on Windows and Unix (Linux, Mac OS X,…)
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Community A public mailing list and a bug tracking system are provided to both academic and industrial users.
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Working with Frama-C

Features The Frama-C analyzers assist you in various source-code-related activities, from the navigation through unfamiliar projects up to the certification of critical software.
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Architecture Frama-C is an extensible framework. You can easily build upon the existing plug-ins to implement your own analysis. Plug-in factory…