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[Frama-c-discuss] Strange behaviour of Yices

Hi all,

I have question on a very strange behaviour I just got using Frama-C. I 
think the problem is probably more with Yices than with Frama-C, but maybe 
you will have a hint. I typed a file (say file.c) containing only the two 
following lines:

/*@ lemma aaa: \forall int i; i<0 && i>0 && i==0;

Of course I don't expect the lemma to be proven, but if I compile the file 
$ frama-c -jessie-analysis -jessie-gui file.c
and then try to prove the lemma, all the automatic provers fail, except 
Yices which succeeds. It seems pretty strange to me; do you have an idea 
of what's happening?
I am using Frama-C Helium-20080701 with Yices 1.0.13.

Jean-Baptiste Jeannin
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