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[Frama-c-discuss] information for proof seems to get lost

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] information for proof seems to get lost
  • From: virgile.prevosto at (Virgile Prevosto)
  • Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 18:35:58 +0100
  • In-reply-to: <A7B824159A924BB6A183CC3D816C4A0E@AHARDPLACE>
  • References: <A7B824159A924BB6A183CC3D816C4A0E@AHARDPLACE>


Le lun 16 f?v 2009 14:19:12 CET,
"Christoph Weber" <Christoph.Weber at> a ?crit :

>  copy_array (a + middle, length-middle, b);
>     //@ assert \forall integer i; 0 <= i < length-middle ==> a[i+middle] == b[i] ;    
>   copy_array (a, middle, b + length-middle);
>     //@ assert \forall integer i; 0 <= i < middle ==> a[i] == b[i+length-middle] ;
> //these lines get proven        
> //regardless the first assertion, if it is placed again, after function call, the prover fails:
>     //@ assert \forall integer i; 0 <= i < length-middle ==> a[i+middle] == b[i] ;

The issue lies in the fact that you have commented out the assigns
clause of copy_array. Without this clause, when analyzing rotate_array,
there is no way to know that only the first part of b has changed
(remember: the verification process is modular. when analyzing
rotate_array, the only thing that is known of copy_array is its
specification). With that clause, both Simplify and Z3 can prove the
However, I have to admit that the assigns clause itself is not proved
by any of the prover at this stage, and I don't currently have any
suggestion as how to proceed.
Anyway, I hope that this answer helps a bit.

Virgile Prevosto
Ing?nieur-Chercheur, CEA, LIST
Laboratoire de S?ret? des Logiciels
+33/0 1 69 08 71 83