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[Frama-c-discuss] Inductive definition of reachability in array-implemented list.

Dear Pascal
Dear All,

First, thanks a lot to all of you for taking time to answer. Things are 
getting clearer...

In your last mail, you raise an interesting point about the how abstract 
interpretation and formal proof may be complementary to some extent.
More generally, do you have any hint about how one should use the value 
analysis plugin AND Jessie to conduct a verification to be as efficient 
as possible?
For instance, would it be possible to generate assertions by means of 
value analysis and back annotate the code before using Jessie? (Even 
better, could the results of value analysis be used as some kind of 
"axioms" (I mean something that does not need to be proved but that can 
be taken as granted)?
Thanks a lot for your time.


CUOQ Pascal a ?crit :
>>>             if not : same player play again, but without exact option.
>>> I don't know how to verify this second point. 
>> If you have a complete application, the value analyzer can take care of
>> that: it will emit an alarm each time it can't ensure that no overflow
>> occurs.
> The value analysis *could* take care of that and emit an alarm
> each time it can't ensure that no overflow occurs. Currently,
> it assumes that all overflows are desired overflows that are part
> of the program's logic, and it continues the analysis with a
> correct superset of the values that can actually be obtained
> at run-time, assuming 2's complement arithmetic and proper
> configuration of the characteristics of the target architecture.
> Pascal
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