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[Frama-c-discuss] Beryllium does not compile on FreeBSD 7.2

> There seem to be two bugs in the configure script:
> - it requires bash, which doesn't have to be present on all systems.

Unlike Julien, I would not encourage you to report this as a bug,
because it will just stay there and take up space.
Indeed, bash does not have to be present on all systems,
but it has to be present on all systems on which Frama-C can
be compiled.
I believe it can be installed in a single port command.
It's a prerequisite, just as OCaml is. We might accept a patch
that removes the bash dependency without making anything else

> - it doesn't detect the location of include and of library files.

I am very surprised by this. I routinely compile on
a freeBSD variant (with bash installed and "make" calling GNU
make). All my libraries are in a non-standard place
(/usr/local/Frama-C_Be) because it's by copying a
selection of them that I build a binary release.

The only thing I need is to have in my path the ocaml
compilers (ocamlc knows its own installation path
and ocaml libraries are installed there)
and pkg-config (which knows where it is installed and how to
find all the gtk+-related libraries that are a prerequisite to