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[Frama-c-discuss] Jessie question

Pascal Cuoq wrote:
>> Now the postcondition cannot be discharged, as expected. But doesn't this
>> mean that the first program should not be considered correct?

As explain in the old thread mentioned by Pascal, the first program is 
proved assuming that c and &y are in different memory blocks. If your 
attempt to call it in a context where it is not the case, it will fail 
to prove.

> I hear that some of the information in this old thread is now obsolete:

Pascal, I don't understand why you think the information is obsolete. It 
seems to be a similar case to me, with the same answer.

- Claude

> The basic fact remains that it is technically impossible to say anything at all
> about a C function that manipulates pointers without any hypotheses.
> Jessie will make these hypotheses on its own (but it will force you to prove
> that they apply at the call site).
> Although you have written the same preconditions, Jessie is not using the
> same hypotheses in your two examples. I think that in the first one it is
> assuming that you mean c and &y to be separated since you didn't
> specify anything. But I may have misunderstood how the new behavior
> works.
> Pascal
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