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[Frama-c-discuss] Controlling the visitor (Plugin)


On Thu, Apr 14, 2011 at 4:54 PM, zakaria chihani <uaz11 at> wrote:

> Go through the function bodies (that we get by the self#current_func
> method), calculate a cost over the regular statements, but when we find a
> call to another function, we have to add the cost of that function too.
> So, we end up with a dependency graph (cycles - mutual recursive functions
> - are of course not handled).
> If we have A which calls B, which calls C, and if the visitor goes through
> the functions in that order, we need to tell him " Stop visiting A, go visit
> the callee before the caller"

This is what a function call does.

Is there any way we can fix the visit order "manually"?

You do not need to fix the order (although you could). Just force the
missing computations when you encounter a call. See how src/inout/,
which uses a visitor, handles the Call(...) case in vinst. Note that this
will be simplified a bit further in the next release (and, for the same
price, you will also get a better treatment of "fake" recursive calls as
they can appear in some programs).

At the next release, watch how src/inout/ was modified and do the
same modifications in your plug-in.

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