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[Frama-c-discuss] installing Nitrogen release on Mac


On Sat, Nov 26, 2011 at 5:34 PM, Stephen Siegel <siegel at> wrote:

> Has anyone installed the Nitrogen release on OS X?

I have.

> I have gotten stuck trying to build some of the dependencies.   Here, for
> example:
> configure: WARNING: gui disabled because
> /opt/local/lib/ocaml/lablgtk2/lablgtksourceview2.cmxa missing.

Lablgtk detects gtksourceview at configure, and only compile the
corresponding bindings if it is present.
Install gtksourceview with:

port install gtksourceview2

Then recompile lablgtk.

BTW, does anyone know why there is not an OS X binary release, like there
> is for Carbon?
I am still wondering whether this is worth it. There is a new source
distribution for Mac OS X, named Homebrew, which is much more flexible than
MacPorts in several respects. One is that it tries to avoid recompiling
programming tools that are already available in OS X. Another is that
package description files is decentralized with Git. For instance, a
volunteer has already made a package for Frama-C:

If I understand correctly, this person was able to create this package
because it was unnecessary to be recognized as an official packager, and it
is also easy to use the package description even if it does not get
integrated officially. I haven't tried Homebrew yet, but if it's as good as
it promises to be, there won't be any more Frama-C Mac OS X binary

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