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[Frama-c-discuss] Frama C windows installer


The compilation and installation instruction for MS Windows look
straightforward enough, so I have decided to give it a try.
It finally worked but was not a breeze, due to dependance and
compatibility problems.

1. Compilation of Frama-C with the last version of Ocaml and
MINGW/MSYS downloaded from the Net never worked.
The GCC provided didn't recognized the option -mno-cygwin

2. I succeeded with Cygwin, by installing all needed packages, but
_not_ lablgtk. This last package was not compiled with the right
version of the Ocaml compiler, apparently.

I have now at least a working batch-mode Frama-C, without theorem
provers. Startup times proves to be very slow on my system, even after
having removed the antivirus software. And the run-time dependency on
Cygwin DLL is a PITA.

Frankly, I first thought that the compiling-from-source process would
be user-friendly enough for casual users to be considered as an
alternative to a pre-compiled distribution, but really it isn't.
Still, it is feasible.