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[Frama-c-discuss] New plugin werror + list of external plugins in the wiki

  • Subject: [Frama-c-discuss] New plugin werror + list of external plugins in the wiki
  • From: hollas at (Boris Hollas)
  • Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2012 11:17:16 +0100
  • In-reply-to: <>
  • References: <>

Salut Sylvain,

> > I suggest also to add a link on to
> the
> > external plugins section of the wiki and to create a toplevel entry
> > "External plugins" in the wiki so that there's an url for this
> section.
> I didn't do that after considering it, because the plugins listed in
> plugins.html are officially delivered and supported by the Frama-C
> developers, and thus well advertised. "External plugin" is intended to
> list projects maintained outside "mainstream" Frama-C. 

no -- the other way round. External plugins aren't well advertised on
the Frama-C page, so a link from there to the wiki will be useful for
users and other plugin-developers.

> The wiki is open to edition to users registered into the BTS, and you
> are warmly welcome to edit it as you see fit. In any case, if you use
> Frama-C, it is a good idea to register an account in the BTS, because
> I bet you will stumble on matter to open entries in there. :-)

I have an account, but I don't know how to create directories on the
start page. Currently, all information is on one page. I suggest to
split this into several pages, eg Installing, Jessie & wp, Value
analysis, External plugins.

> Freundlischen Gr??e,
You use "mit freundlichen Gr??en" if you're formal, otherwise "viele
Gr??e" or "Gr??e".

Best regards,