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[Frama-c-discuss] Plateform Why3 0.72

During the installation of Why3 O.72  the following problems appear:

typed commands:

tar -xvzf why3-0.72.tar.gz

cd why3-0.72

./configure --enable-coq-plugin --enable-coq-libs



OCaml version           : 3.12.0
OCaml library path      : /usr/lib64/ocaml
Compile in native code  : yes
Verbose make            : no
Why IDE                 : yes
Why bench tool          : no
Why documentation       : no
Coq support             : yes
    Version             : 8.4beta2
    Lib                 : /usr/local/lib/coq
    Plugin support      : yes
    Realization support : yes
        FP arithmetic   : yes
hypothesis selection    : yes
debugging symbols       : no
profiling               : no
localdir                : no

Ocamlopt src/ide/
Ocamlopt src/ide/
Linking  bin/why3ide.opt
Ocamlopt src/ide/
Linking  bin/why3replayer.opt
Ocamlc   src/why3session/why3session_lib.mli
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Ocamlopt src/why3session/
Linking  bin/why3session.opt
Ocamlopt src/coq-tactic/
File "src/coq-tactic/", line 477, characters 14-20:
Error: This pattern matches values of type 'a option
       but a pattern was expected which matches values of type
make: *** [src/coq-tactic/why3tac.cmx] Error 2


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Envoy? : vendredi 20 juillet 2012 21:13
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Objet : Re: [Frama-c-discuss] Plateform Why3 0.72

On 07/20/2012 10:20 AM, DAHAN Mickael wrote:

I would like to know how can I do to launch the plateform Why3 0.72 on frama-c Nitrogen.

The formulation of your question is somewhat strange... Please see for explanations on the relations between Frama-C, Why3, and the Jessie plugin. In short:

* compile and install Frama-C Nitrogen and Why3 in any order (the newer Why3 0.73 if possible ;-)
* compile and install Why 2.31 which contains the Jessie plugin
* detect provers: why3config --detect


frama-c -jessie file.c

will start compute VCs for your C code and start the why3 GUI on them

- Claude
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