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[Frama-c-discuss] don't want unitialized padding fields, -initialized-padding-globals

Hello David,

1/ The reason is that I'm checking uninitialized var usage with Frama-C and uninitialized fields in padding are source of false alarms in that usage.

2/ Thank you for the tip
It is correct and works on small variable:
        Before this statement:
         G2.a[0..2] IN [--..--]
           .[bits 24 to 31] IN UNINITIALIZED
           .b IN [--..--]
        After this statement:
         G2 IN [--..--]

But not on larger variable:

        After this statement:
         Gtab1[0].a[0..2] IN [--..--]
              [0].[bits 24 to 31] IN [--..--] or UNINITIALIZED
              {[0].b; [1].a[0..2]} IN [--..--]

Here is the example:

typedef struct {
  char a[3];
  int b;
} T_S1;

typedef T_S1 T_T1[1000];

T_T1 Gtab1;
T_S1 G2;

void f1(T_S1* p1)
  Frama_C_make_unknown(Gtab1, sizeof(T_T1)); // NOK
  Frama_C_make_unknown(&G2, sizeof(T_S1));  // OK



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Le 05/11/2014 21:57, DUPRAT, STEPHANE a ?crit :
> I don?t want the padding fields of structs in global variable at
> uninitialized state.

Out of curiosity, why?

> I?m also using the option -initialized-padding-globals, but these
> uninitialized fields are still remaining (Neon release).
> Is there a workaround to have the entire location at  [--..--] ? Even
> for very large variables ?

A possible workaround: initialize your global variables in the analysis driver using following function:

extern int Frama_C_entropy_source;

/*@ requires \valid(p + (0 .. l-1));
     assigns p[0 .. l-1] \from Frama_C_entropy_source;
     assigns Frama_C_entropy_source \from Frama_C_entropy_source;
     ensures \initialized(p + (0 .. l-1)); */ void Frama_C_make_unknown(char *p, size_t l); """

For example "Frama_C_make_unknown(&my_var, 32);".

I hope it helps,
Best regards,

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