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[Frama-c-discuss] Simplify prover instalation problem

On 05/10/15 04:47, Allberson Dantas wrote:
> Dear David, do you know some publication that highlights these things
> that differ each prover from the others in Why3? For example, from the
> characteristics of the program, how to choose the best prover (SMT, TPTP
> or dedicated) would be the best.

I think there is no unique best prover for a given program, but there is
a best prover for each single verification condition of a program. This
is why I repeat, again and again, that a user should install as many
provers as she/he can, and try to run each prover on each VC.

There is the interesting question on how to predict, from the shape of a
VC (e.g. the root predicate of the conclusion), what are the provers
that are more likely able to discharge it. I cannot recommend any paper
on that, I think it is an interesting and difficult open problem.

- Claude

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