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[Frama-c-discuss] How can I get line number from Cil_types.location


The function pretty_line is indeed the right function to /print/ the 
line number of a location.

The Cil_datatype.Location.t type is a pair of Lexing.position, as in 
(start, end), although in practice the end position is rarely (if ever) 
used. So if you have just a Lexing.position and want to use that 
pretty-printing function, you can just create a pair by doubling it, 
e.g.: (loc, loc), and it should work in most cases.

However, from your example code, it seems like you want to /get/ the 
line number in OCaml, not print it. In that case, the line number is 
just the pos_lnum field of the record Lexing.position, so you can do:

let line = (fst loc).Lexing.pos_lnum in

This is exactly what is done in 
src/kernel_services/ast_queries/, so you can look in that 
code for some inspiration.

Overall, Frama-C uses Lexing.position for source code locations, so you 
can take a look at OCaml's Lexing module for more details.

On 11/03/18 21:39, Rokiatou DIARRA wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to get only line number in source file. With 
> Printer.pp_location I get the full path to the source like 
> <dir/f>:<l>. But I want just the line number.
> I looked in Frama-c sources, and I found in Cil_datatype.Location 
> module a printer : *val pretty_line: t Pretty_utils.formatter *.
> So I tried it with the following instructions:
>     let line =( Cil_datatype.Location.pretty_line loc); (where loc has 
> type Cil_types.location = Lexing.position * Lexing.position) but I got 
> this error message:
> Error: This expression has type
>          Cil_types.location = Lexing.position * Lexing.position
>        but an expression was expected of type Lexing.position
> Are there any functions, in Frama-C, to get only the line number?
> Thanks.
> Rokiatou DIARRA
> E-Mail: diarr_rokiatou at
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