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[Frama-c-discuss] Coq Auto-generated Code Incorrect

PS: the alternative to benefit from Coq inside Frama-C/WP is use a dedicated WP driver to import extern Why3 theories in the proof context (See WP manual section 2.3.11).
You can then state your lemmas in a Why3 theory, and prove them in Coq by using Why3 IDE, and finally WP can use them when calling SMT solvers.

> Le 25 sept. 2020 à 19:19, Joshua Miller <joshmi at> a écrit :
> I have been attempting to generate Coq code using ACSL specifications in order to manually prove anything that cannot be handled by Alt-Ergo or Z3. An issue that occurs quite often is that in the auto-generated Coq code, I get the following error:
> Goal
>   let x := ((L_int_pow 2%Z 4%Z))%Z in
>   forall (t_1 t : array Z),
>   forall (t_3 t_2 : farray addr Z),
>   forall (a : addr),
>   ((0 < x)%Z) ->
>   ((((region ((base a))%Z)) <= 0)%Z) ->
>   ((x <= 2147483647)%Z) ->
>   ((linked t)) ->
>   ((sconst t_2)) ->
>   ((P_valid_read_string t_1 t_3 ((shift_sint8 ((global (Str_39)%Z)) 0%Z)))) ->
>   ((P_valid_read_string t_1 t_3 ((shift_sint8 ((global (Str_40)%Z)) 0%Z)))) ->
>   ((is_finite_f64 ( 1 / 5 )%R%R)).
> Where the bold red "1 / 5" throws the issue of being type "real" while it is expected to have type "f64". This is a simple enough issue to fix by manually casting "to_f64(1 / 5)" and then solving in Coq, but this code is auto-generated each time. This means anything I put within the actual proof will remain, but my typecast will not. I have not been able to determine a way to trace this code to anywhere in the original C code, otherwise I would try changing the source. Any suggestions are welcome.
> Best,
> Joshua Miller
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