WP6: Spreading Static Analysis Techniques

The list of publications that stem from the project is available here

The goal of work package 6 is to ensure the long-term success of the project by:

  • Disseminating information about the project, its objectives, the approaches followed and their results.
  • Promoting the use of tools and applications resulting from the project among industrial end-users and within the academic community,
  • Promoting the use of Frama-C as an open framework to implement static analysers,
  • Facilitating the integration of Frama-C in development tools.

Altogether the main goal is to support the user and developer community around Frama-C and static analysis. The results of this work package can be seen as the main success criterion of the U3CAT project as a whole. In this sense, WP6 is strongly connected to all the other work packages of the project, whose developments will be packaged in a single, efficient and easy-to-use tool during WP6.