Frama-C API - Logic_normalizer

This module is dedicated to some preprocessing on the predicates:

  • It guards all the Pvalid and Pvalid_read clauses with an adequate Pinitialized clause;
  • It replaces all the applications Papp by a corresponding term obtained as an application Tapp The predicates that have undergone these changed are called the preprocessed predicates.
val preprocess : Frama_c_kernel.Cil_types.file -> unit

Preprocess all the predicates of the ast and store the results

val preprocess_annot : Frama_c_kernel.Cil_types.code_annotation -> unit

Preprocess of the predicate of a single code annotation and store the results

val preprocess_predicate : Frama_c_kernel.Cil_types.predicate -> unit

Preprocess a predicate and its children and store the results

Retrieve the preprocessed form of a predicate

Retrieve the preprocessed form of a term

val clear : unit -> unit

clear the table of normalized predicates