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[Frama-c-discuss] Release Beryllium 20090901


thanks for the Beryllium release!

Regarding user-visible changes of Jessie, I like how new (and  
obsolete) features are communicated in the GCC project:

They also have a table where they show which language features of the  
upcoming new C++ standard are (or will be)
supported in which release:
(As it happens there are some features where they have no plan yet,  
and that is fine with me)

I wish there were a similar table for ACSL and Jessie.
Of course, I do not expect that a research project like Frama-C can  
come up with a complete implementation of ACSL
in its early releases but still I like to see where the road goes.

Regards Jens

Am 10.09.2009 um 10:56 schrieb CUOQ Pascal:

> Hi!
>> What I am interested in is a list of 5-10 bullets of the most  
>> important
>> user-visible changes of Jessie in the Beryllium version.
>> For example, the command to call Jessie is now frama-c -jessie.
>> Also, loop assigns are now supported, which was discussed in April.
>> On the other hand, the changelog lists "Restore compatibility with  
>> ocaml 3.10.2"
>> as change with an impact for users. For the latter, I dont't see a  
>> major impact
>> for users.
> You point to a very real issue. Among the other drawbacks of the
> current approach is that the changelog may mention changes that have
> been done and undone since the last release, which shouldn't be there
> at all in a "changelog of big changes".
> I do not see any obvious solution. Most people are unable to give a  
> list of
> salient things they have done in the last 3-6 months. The only way  
> to get
> this "high-level" changelog would therefore seem to be to write it
> day-to-day, but not only is it also difficult to recognize when what  
> you are doing
> at the moment is important enough to be in the "big" changelog,
> developers also have a hard time as it is to keep the only changelog
> in the current system up-to-date and accurate.
>> Another thing I noted is the following: Alt-Ergo was selected
>> as prover in the menu "Proof", but I had to check the mark for Alt- 
>> Ergo
>> in "Configuration" to see the green bullets.
> This change would belong in the Why changelog, and I am not saying  
> it is,
> but I am not saying it isn't.
> Finally, if you care enough about Jessie to miss a synthetic  
> changelog when
> a new version is available -- and maybe to have some regression  
> tests of your
> own -- you can help developers concentrate on improving it by using  
> the
> wiki to list the important changes that you noticed and workaround  
> that
> you found on the wiki:
> It appears to be accessible read-only by anonymous, which was a
> source of complaints in the past. I note that although the wiki
> is now accessible, with the exception of ?ric Jenn's FAQ,
> the contents still mostly come from the same people who could
> be working at improving Frama-C if they weren't spending their time
> there.
> Regards,
> Pascal
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